Monday, 3 December 2018

My favourite music artists of the 10s : #74 - Ynoji

Running late on this 15-month long series, you'll know why soon enough. In the meantime, let's remember fondly about Ynoji, now-defunct moniker of Belgian electronic musician Lucian Ditulescu.

Revealed, back in 2012, by a couple of beautiful mini-albums, Quemira and NIÑA released on Xtraplex Records aka my favourite electronic label of the decade (of course Schematic and Hymen would be up there as well), Ynoji really started to impress me with the following Kollider, born from the same fascination with mutant structures and esoteric, dreamlike atmospheres but much gloomier and deeply tribal in its rhythm patterns, creating some sort of somatic voodoo techno from outer space.

Fuelled with the same mystical and heavy darkness from the deepest corners of the mesoamerican jungle, and drawing influences from dark ambient as well as drum'n'bass and dubstep in their most apocalyptic and oppressive incarnations, Ronokironikon (published by Subtrakt) and Ekra (Xtraplex again) even managed to top that masterpiece, as did his requiem for the project, Kojito, out on Abstrakt Reflections and magnified by elegiac choirs. Final testament for the moniker Ynoji, Face Planet, his contribution to IRM's Twin Peaks tribute, delivered last year a much more ambient and droning approach to electronic music... maybe a glimpse of things to come under a new name ?

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